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Daryl Willcox on the inspiration behind the business

Daryl Willcox discusses what drove him to start DWPub back in 1997 and gives insight into the business itself and the benefits of using the services for both PRs and journalists.

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Digital PR and Search - Part One

Antony Mayfield, head of content and media at Spannerworks, explains how digital media excited him so much he ditched a successful PR career to join a search marketing agency.

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Digital PR and Search - Part two

Antony Mayfield, who ditched a successful PR career to join a search marketing agency, tells us what PR professionals must do to take advantage of the digital media revolution.

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View from the top - PR leader

Chris Satterthwaite is group chief executive of Chime Communications, which owns the UK's largest PR agency group Bell Pottinger, Chris has a unique view of the industry. In this interview he talks of the challenges facing PR and what agencies must do if they want to be a part of a group like Bell Pottinger.

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Marketing on a shoestring

Listen to our podcast series of interviews with Daryl Willcox. Daryl gives tips and advice for small business owners and people wanting to market themselves and improve their online presence.


Part 1: Introduction to Marketing on a shoestring


Part 2: Marketing yourself


Part 3: Building your online presence

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